Although it may not be a surprise, my bold prediction for 2019 is that more and more people will clue in to unleashing the equity they have built up in their primary residence and start using it to build wealth through real estate (we are already seeing this on a monthly basis as more and more investors are coming forward to invest in rent to owns by using their equity).

I mean, really.  Even at higher interest rates (4%), it is still like getting free money.  As an example, we have seen situations where investors have refinanced and pulled out even just $200,000 out of their equity which enabled to purchase 2-3 properties which would return them anywhere from 10% or more in an assortment of investment strategies or 25-30% with rent to own (not to mention the passive cash flow of $500 plus per month).

Expect more and more homeowners to take advantage of the opportunity to refinance (whether for real estate investments or renovation projects) and for it to drive the renovation, construction and real estate investment industries for years to come.