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What kind of investor are you? Passive or Hands On (Landlord)?

Invest with a purpose. It used to be that investing was ONLY about making money. Don’t get me wrong, you WILL still make money but at the same time you can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Want to know about Clover Properties? We are a family run business that has been helping people get on the path to homeownership through rent to own since 2009. Over that time we have counselled well over 1000 people and currently have 218 families in our program, working towards their own mortgage approvals. Our flexible program is designed to help families that have been turned down for a traditional mortgage because they don’t have a large enough downpayment, are self-employed, new to the country or have damaged their credit through past mistakes.

We have an over simplified goal: To help you achieve your goal of earning good returns by successfully engineering WIN-WIN turn-key rent to own income opportunities. Your goal of investing with a purpose will help many families in Ontario get back on track towards owning their own home.
Education. We believe that the only way to evolve ourselves, both spritually and physically is through continual education. We live by this philosophy and our doing our part to add value to our investors by offering educational programs and the opportunities to meet with other like-minded investors that can move us further along the path to becoming financially free.

Enjoy the Advantages

  • Competitive returns each year (ROI)
  • Enjoy a passive income flow each month
  • Hands off investing
  • Properties can be financed with 20% down
  • A fixed exit strategy from the start
  • A partnership with experienced investors

Meet the Founders

Rachel Oliver
Rachel OliverManaging Partner
Neil Oliver
Neil OliverManaging Partner